Voters are distracted. As they muddle through the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives, politicians and political messaging isn't their top priority. That’s why our job is to break through the clutter with poll-tested messaging that’s presented in a memorable way.

As media consultants, we take the strategy laid out in the campaign plan and implement the voter contact tactics necessary to achieve victory. This could include TV, radio, mail, phones, digital or other tactics that deliver the message to voters. At Politics Counsel, we pride ourselves on creating unique and memorable ways to tell a story - your story.

We’ve scripted, produced and placed thousands of TV and radio ads and countless pieces of mail and phone calls. We've won national awards in multiple categories — the best in television, radio, digital, phones and mail. Be sure to check out our ad reel for examples of some of our work.

Importantly, during this digital age, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of new opportunities.  We're well-versed in Facebook, Google, Twitter and targeted banner ads. We've placed ads in-app on people's smartphones. We've created memorable advertising on Internet radio sites like Pandora. And we've utilized online platforms for ad testing before placing ads on more traditional means like broadcast and cable TV.

Are you ready to implement winning tactics on TV, radio, online, on the phone and in the mail?