In a campaign, a General Consultant acts as an architect - crafting the blueprint for success and monitoring every step of the project through successful completion. That's precisely what we do with the campaigns we assist. 

Our campaign plans are detailed, thorough, and easy-to-follow. We anticipate the changing political environment, the opposition's likely countermoves, and how voters will respond. We work hand in hand with the campaign staff to ensure smooth execution of the plan and adapt tactics as necessary. 

Sometimes that means we write every press communication, speech, and fundraising letter. Other times we facilitate and oversee the quality control of the staff's efforts, acting as a crucial advisor to the campaign manager. 

Some consultants are ever-present at the initial pitch and contract signing, but elusive and hard to locate when the campaign heats up. Our hallmark is accessibility and availability. Just ask our past clients. They'll tell you that we sat with them every week, spoke with them every day, and emailed them nearly every hour. You may get tired of seeing us, but you won't get tired trying to find us. After all, can you really trusts an architect who never has muddy shoes or brick dust on his clothes??

Are you ready to get the professional advice needed to win?