The best way to deal with a campaign crisis? Avoid it in the first place. With that in mind, we preach and practice political problem prevention. 

Because Mark Weaver teaches law school courses in Election Law and Media Law, he knows the ethics and legal pitfalls that await unwary campaigns. And with careful counsel and thoughtful planning, he helps clients steer clear of them. 

Mr. Weaver’s experience representing judges and judicial candidates who’ve been unfairly accused of misconduct by their opponent informs the work he does as he tries to help all candidates avoid such problems. Whether it’s issues surrounding a state Elections Commission, the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Elections Commission or the changing standards of defamation and copyright law, it’s crucial that a campaign work with consultants who are sensitive to, and up to date on, the issues raised by these compliance issues.

Some political tactics attract lawsuits and draw ethics complaints. Others win elections without legal liability. Smart consultants know the difference. And smart campaigns want consultants who know the difference. We don't mind helping you weather a political crisis. We've done it hundreds of times before. We'd just prefer to help you avoid one.

Are you ready to protect yourself from election lawsuits and better understand campaign finance laws?